Saturday, October 28, 2006


Lansdowne was on my wishlist for a weekend trip from Delhi, but I always had some doubts about the place, if there can be any activity around where one can spend one full after-noon, evening and another fore noon. Any way this time it was Bh. who insisted on going to Lansdowne alone.
We started on 14/10/2006 at 5-00 AM, in a group of five BH, Dh, Rk, Tw and me. it's good seven hours from Delhi at an easy pace. After crossing Kotdwar we drove along a river up to Lansdowne, it was a beautiful and clean river, actually we bathed for hours in the swift river current near a temple.
It was very cool evening in Lansdowne and we had to put on the woolens. The place is not beautiful at all, the scenic beauty of manali, Simla and Mussoorie (which is due to the location of the stations) is totally missing. You have nothing to look at for hours, almost from any corner of the town. We could not find any specially recommended sun-set point.

Morning was equally quite. Believe me, the atmosphere was very calm here and the sprawling bungalows at the isolated places in the hills along the road are the speciality of this cantonment. After breakfast we took a trip to Tiffin-Top(Tip-n-top?) and it turned out to be the only place of any interest for the tourists. The view of the valley and "CHAUKHAMBA" range is marvellous from here.


Chaukhamba Ranges

Catholic Church