Thursday, June 07, 2007

A very long morning walk.

Walking is a great pleasure. you can enjoy early morning walk as much as you enjoy your extended weekend tours in the mountains or old forts. For me walking around my place is a great pleasure, I have done long walks around Kurukshetra looking for "Kos Minars", old temples, excavation sites etc.
But this time I decided to explore the country side and walk along the railway track to a full 25 kms., up to Shahbad markanda in hot May. My friend Mj also came.
We started at 4-15 in the morning watched the sun coming up,
villagers going out in the fields, Parakeets and Mynas screaming, Sun flowers blooming

and finally Mj spraining his ankle after 10-12 KMs. I managed to load him on a bullock cart and and then on to a local train and kept walking. It took me around 5 hours but the last one hour aws really hot. Any way it was a great fun.