Thursday, June 07, 2007

A very long morning walk.

Walking is a great pleasure. you can enjoy early morning walk as much as you enjoy your extended weekend tours in the mountains or old forts. For me walking around my place is a great pleasure, I have done long walks around Kurukshetra looking for "Kos Minars", old temples, excavation sites etc.
But this time I decided to explore the country side and walk along the railway track to a full 25 kms., up to Shahbad markanda in hot May. My friend Mj also came.
We started at 4-15 in the morning watched the sun coming up,
villagers going out in the fields, Parakeets and Mynas screaming, Sun flowers blooming

and finally Mj spraining his ankle after 10-12 KMs. I managed to load him on a bullock cart and and then on to a local train and kept walking. It took me around 5 hours but the last one hour aws really hot. Any way it was a great fun.


Anonymous said...

In our daily life, we hardly find time to explore the world around.I tried to introspect, when we didn't have TV,computer, vehicle and all other modern amenities, that time was really like that which you explained.Frankly speaking, hunger for achiving something or career Funda or what would be the Future etc,is leading to a unknown destination which is spoiling childhood,youth and ---. But,your aspiration for doing something to satisfy youself is really admirable.Keep it up, cheerssssss. Rakesh

Shirazi said...

Ya, I can relate here. Thanks again.

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