Monday, March 12, 2007

Working Women and Income Tax

Budget is out once more. I would like to discuss my concerns about one concession extended to the women particularly in this budget (like every year). The Income Tax exemption for the women has been extended to 1,45,000; but why? I want to point out some facts regarding the socio-economic condition of the women (read working women who pay Income Tax) :
  • Almost 99.99% of the working women in this country are either married to atleast middle level Government Servants or well-off professional or small business-men.
  • Almost every family that has an I.Tax payee woman at least has one more tax payee member.
  • This simply means more tax free income for the well-off families.
  • These days 100% of the working girls find working husbands.
Now my point is why to extend this benefit to the ones already enjoying affluence? Same is the case with senior citizen. Me 34 with the responsiblity of my parents and children on me with Taxable income have no escape from TDS. But the other ones with some what no family responsiblities(senior citizens) and comparatively much less responsiblities (women) are being allowed more tax-free income,
But WHY?
It can be justified when the concessions are for the needy ones like the widows or the divorcees etc. but what is the justification for extending this benefit to all. Am I expected to earn more than the women at my level?
or do they expect that I being a man will be able to raise a loan more easily if a need arises?
I don't mean to offend anyone.
Any comments?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Naini Taal v/s other Popular Hill Stations.

I got a chance to visit NainiTaal and Manali during the last fortnight of 2006. after coming Back, I could not hold myself back from recountimg my experiences of the two trips. It was my third or fourth time in Manali and Manali was as easy going and approachable, as always. The attitude of the Hotel Walahs the local populace is somewhat tolerable. At least they are ready to talk to the budget travellers but NainiTaal, the hotelwallahs are not ready to talk and buzz. My god, not a good sign for the tourism industry in a country like India where a majority of the travellers are back-packers. I shared this experience with a few others some were of the opinion that its only the rates of the Hotels that are on higher side as compared to some other popular hillstations (discovered by the Britishers), but others were of the view that the hotel lobby in NainiTaal want to mantain the tag of the somewhat superior status of Nainitaal. The hoteliers are not ready to let the rooms for less than what they quote once. They say that a certain class of the tourists will always return to NainiTaal year after years, this strata of tourists often comes from high paying capacity class. It is also my personal experience that generally budget class tourists go to Nainitaal area with keys of some cottages or flats of their friends or acquaintances, just to save the room rent.
Any comments?