Friday, September 15, 2006

Water Caves around Dehradoon

I have been to Dehradoon and mussoorie a number of times, But could not get beyond Kempty Falls, Sahastradhara, Gun Hill and of course mall road. This time, I did some research on the net and decided to explore Robber's Caves and Sahastradhara and had two full days for this. There was not much information available on the net, I searched some of the blogs, but again a disappointment. I was determined this time to go somewhere deep and still be able to come back by Sunday night. We were a group of Five, all colleagues, Bh, Tw, KKT2 and Dh.We left Delhi via the Bhopura border by 5-30 in the morning in a Santro, reached Meerut. There was not much traffic on the roads, we were cruising. And this is what we got.
We had no jack. Dont forget to take an extra tube, they ask for double the regular price. It took us at least 7 hours to reach Dehradun. We wasted no time and started asking for the Robbers caves but to my surprise almost every one, from the yong to old, was ignorant about the caves, they know this place as Ghuchuk Pani. The road upto caves is motorable and in the OK condition. I was totally disappointed on reaching the mouth of the cave, and regretted my decision to come here and conveyed the same to my partners, it was me who was organizing.There are a few shops just next to the cave and a Tibbetan, Anup Lama, on the rolls of the Topurism Department, remains present, he even runs a small stall. We had some refreshment, Maggi and Omllette is available. It looks some thing like this,It started drizzling and there was a sudden change in the atmosphere. We entered the caves knee deep in water, it was a long narrow cave. After first 30 metres the water rose to the level of waste and we had to put-off our clothes. No one goes beyond this point except a few urchins. Now I started regretting on my regrets. This place is awesome. I could not understand the fact that this place is not on the wish-list of tourists. Its quite safe for the families and even the kids will enjoy, for the tough minds 650 metre long narrow cave is ahead with rushing water and A-grade excitement.
After spending 4-5 hours at Ghuchuk Pani, we decided to head for the Youth Hostel Mussoorie. We got dormatory for 60/- each, went up to have our dinner in mussorie.It was not very cold the night was very pleasant with two blankets. Youth Hostel has arrangements for boarding and we had our breakfast paranthas. After this we started for SAHASTRADHARA it started drizzling the view of the hills from mussoorie to sahastradhara was breathtaking

Sahtradhara has changed a lot during the last 3-4 years but the lower end is still as dirty and stinking as it used to be. Dhabawlas has created artificial water ponds by stopping the natural flow of the brooks just to attract more tourists.
We went up and further up-stream. It was very slippery up there due to the algae, and one has to be very cautious as the flow of water is very fast and a slip can crack your bones. It started raining again and the MONSOON MAGIC was unleashed. That one hour os the downpour was the best part of the trip. We bathed for hours before stopping ourselves.

It was time to take the road to Delhi but before that we wanted to have MOMOS. We searched here and there like a thirsty crow and finally ended up having found a Buddhist Monk chewing on his PARANTHAS.


Mridula said...

Sounds like quite an adventure! And lovely pictures too.

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I wish u good luck

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blog and soem interesting ideas foir the future, Thanks

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