Saturday, February 24, 2007

Gwalior Fort

I was in Gwalior for one day on some official business. Could not resist my temptation for a solo walk to the Gwalior Fort. This was my first time in the Gwalior Fort. There are certain things that I have noticed during this walk in the sun announcing summers.
Gwalior's Bus stand and the Railway Station (out side) are one of the ugliest and filthiest in the country. Fort area is an excellent place for all interested in forts ruins and ruins. But:
*The fort area is not well maintained,
*Archeology people are not doing anything here,
*You immediately come to know why Rajsthan gets more tourists than Gwalior,
*Almost no arrangements of any eating place,
*Even in the fort either you just watch some dilapidated buildings or take a guide, no sign boards or details of anything.
Any way The sight seeing in the Fort suited my tastes and the photos of the trip are available at:


Mridula said...

by following the link. Is something wrong with it?

Karnail said...

Mridula thanx . Please check now Its working now.

Mridula said...

Lovely pictures Karnail.

Swathi said...

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