Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Is DeLHi rEaLly UnSAfe?

Another news story about the rape of a woman.
They are saying that Delhi is unsafe for women. Every news paper and TV channel display terrifying visuals after each incident where a woman is a victim. The way these incidents are projected chills the bones of all women across India. I have not seen one place labelled as safe for women. I come from a small town and a village but I personally did not find anything of special concern, as far as the safety of women is concerned, in Delhi. If two university students are roaming at midnight on a 200 feet wide high speed road and are encountered by four drunkards with criminal bent of mind, what has a city and the police do with this. It is not that the criminals roam in Delhi only but it is very much a fact that single girls generally do not venture out at 2-00 AM on such roads, at any other place. Had it been any other plalce, it would have been the same end result of abduction and rape. What are the parameters for safety of women?
All I want to say is that if Delhi is unsafe for women, so are Dallas and Dispur and also that all the big cities are totally unsafe for all "men and women, children and adults, young and age-old" alike. Further this un(?)safety is not due to vulnerability to criminal acts alone but also to health, psychiatric and social problems.
This label of "UNSAFE FOR WOMEN" gives me a bad taste.

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